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Salute the Service Men and Women Fighting around the World for Our FREEDOM

<bgsound src="taps.wav"> "Humanity will not be cast down. We are going on-swinging bravely forward- along the grand high road - and already behind the distant mountains is the promise of the sun." Winston Churchill WWII

An A-10 Military Aircraft

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Animated Tank

One year ago yesterday a group of cowards threatened the United States Of America. Yet again the enemy came in planes, not loaded with bombs nor powered by propellers, rather there choice were civilians loaded into 737 traveling at 500mph. Average MEN, WOMEN, and CHILDREN. They where forced to give there lives over to a group of poorly trained poorly armed men and today I ask you to remember the people of that terrible day and the heroism of average men and woman of that day. REMEMBER 9/11 and the strength of 9/12. THE COMMANDER OF THE US NAVY HAS ORDERED THE DIRECTIVE FOR ALL US NAVAL SHIPS TO FLY THE 1ST NAVY JACKET SEEN HERE

Welcome to the United States Military History Clubs second year we hope to get this year off to a great start. We would like to thank our leader COL. J Gesker (RET) for all his hard work and dedication last year. We hope to have many new students join this year to expand our current membership. We hope you enjoy your high school years here at PVI and enjoy the Millitary History club.

As you can see our new Commander and Battle of the week links are up "thanx Devin for the material" they will be updated and changed every week.

Watch out Sadam here we come!!!!

Animated F14

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